Mini ERP

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Mini ERP Features


This module manages expenses by categorizing and subcategorizing them, and linking them to accounts to prevent any missed expenses.


This module handles product purchases and returns, increasing stock quantity upon purchase creation and decreasing it upon deletion.


Manage sales, quotations, product sales, and returns. Creating sales decreases stock quantity while deleting sales increases it. /p>


It is a retail module and tool that allows you to accept payments from consumers and track sales.


Manage transactions & accounts in Accounting. Transactions connected to cash/bank accounts. Credit increases balance, debit decreases balance.


The Inventory module tracks product stocks and adjusts stock by increasing or decreasing it. It also shows the average purchase price and inventory history (Stock In & Stock Outs).

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The ideal Mini ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses boosts efficiency and improves growth by covering sales, purchases, accounting, and expense management.

The system includes an eCommerce platform for easily selling products and services and attracting new customers. Benefit from Mini ERP’s successful experience and digital transformation that exceeds your expectations.

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Effortless shopping, feature-rich, user-friendly, secure payments, streamlined inventory, boost sales.

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